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Introducing Ian Wyatt's Million Dollar Portfolio!




I'm Investing



$100,000 for You



Into These Five Stocks.


My Goal: Build a Portfolio
Worth $1 Million



Dear Reader,


My name is Ian Wyatt.


When I founded Wyatt Investment Research...


I had one simple goal in mind...  


To bring high-quality market intelligence...


To everyday investors like you.


So you could make your own informed investment decisions.


It was a simple approach to making money in the market.


And for years, it's worked well.


Very well.


Today, however, I'm doing something totally different.  


And I'd like you to be a part of it.


I've never done this before.


And I may never do it again.


Instead of merely telling you what to invest in...


I will give you access to my own personal investment account.


I'll show you everything I do – every move, every deposit, every buy and sell.


You won't have to do a thing.


Simply follow along, and do exactly what I do...


Our goal is significant: to create a $1 Million Portfolio.


And to start things off...


I'm plunging $100,000 of my own money into the market for you.


$20,000 will be invested in 5 different stocks.


These first five stocks are my opening salvo...


The first assault in our battle to beat the market...


In the simplest, most effective ways possible.


And you're invited to join me...


As I put my money where my mouth is.


I have never before invested this much money – $100,000 – into only five stocks.


Naturally, you won't need that much to get started.


You can start with $1,000... $10,000... $100,000... or anything in between.


It doesn't matter...


All that does matter is your desire to make money...


Safely and consistently.


No risk-heavy investments...


No complicated option plays...


Just my personal strategies for investing in the market.  


This simple approach has already produced some stellar results for me personally...


And because of it's simplicity, anyone can use it...


In no particular order, I like to:


Find truly undervalued stocks... because that's where the big money is often hiding. It's how legendary investor Sir John Templeton built his fortune... and one of the basic strategies Warren Buffett uses to this day.


Pay attention to the major trends shaping our society... and the stocks making those trends possible. "The trend is your friend" is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn about the market.


Stick with solid companies... Stable stocks can anchor a portfolio by building a solid foundation – and the best place to find it is with historically stable companies.


Not be afraid to explore small companies... with huge upside potential... because these unknown and unappreciated stocks can generate immense profits, very quickly.


It's been the way I've always approached investing – and the way I will continue to approach it...


As you'll see in a moment, this simple approach has led to uncovering some of the biggest winners in my personal portfolio.


And now, you have the chance to peak over my shoulder, as I invest my own money - $100,000 – into five new stocks.


You won't have to do a thing.


Just follow along, and make the moves I make...


I'll show you exactly what to buy... when to buy it... how much to pay...


And perhaps most importantly – when to sell to lock in your profits... and protect your capital.  


Open enrollment ends TODAY and you do not want to miss this..


There's a very small window of opportunity here.


In fact, of the 450,000 readers who follow us here at Wyatt Investment Research...


Only 500 will be able to join me.  And I'd like you to be one of them.


Because I'm investing my own money...


I must limit the number of readers given access to my personal account.


You can be sure of one thing...


With my own money on the line...


I'll select only the very best stocks for consistent profits...


Ones I fully expect to not only go up...


But to keep going up.  


Like Tesla Motors... I gained 517% on that one.


Did it again with Netflix. I'm sitting on a sweet 510% on that one as well.


I did pretty good with MasterCard, too.


That only gave me a 243% gain. And like the others, it's still going higher.


I'm not telling you this to brag...


But because I'd like to invite you to join my select "band of brothers"...


This small group of readers looking over my shoulder...


To follow along... step by step...


As I build my own portfolio...


And uncover the next big winners.


It couldn't be simpler.


I'll show you everything you need to do.


What to buy... when to buy it... how much to pay... and when to sell.


All you have to do is follow along... and rack up the gains.


Like I did with shares of Howard Hughes Corporation – up 197% on that one.


Or Google – up 107% so far on shares of the Internet giant.


Now, I've just showed you some of the biggest winners in my personal portfolio.


But I don't want you to go out and buy them. Not right now.


Because for most of them...


The big money's already been made.


In fact, I'm going to be taking my profits and selling many of them very soon.


However, I've uncovered five unique stocks...


Shares that my research shows will be performing just as well – if not better – than the ones I just showed you.


This is the most ambitious goal I've ever set out to accomplish.


To build a portfolio worth more than $1 million...


And give a small handful of readers the chance to follow along and invest right along side me... and get in on the same big profits as I do.   


When will we hit our $1 Million goal?


I'm not going to sit here and tell you we'll hit the million-dollar mark in 2 months... or even two years.


Depends on a lot of factors.


But I will say, it could be happening a lot faster than you might think possible.


Let me show you.


Look what would've happened if you'd put $20,000 into each of my five biggest winners in my personal portfolio:


  • $20,000 into Netflix would've become $122,000

  • $20,000 into Tesla would today be $123,000

  • $20,000 into MasterCard would now be $68,600

  • $20,000 into Howard Hughes Corp would become $59,400

  • $20,000 into Google would have become $41,200


Grand Total: $414,200


These five stocks alone would've brought us almost half way to our million-dollar goal.


Not through speculation or hope...


But by following my personal research...


And my favorite strategies for building real wealth in the market.


Why am I doing this?


We've all heard the old market adage – buy low, sell high.


It's the cornerstone of nearly every successful investor.


But it's also not as simple as it sounds.


And truth be told – most investors get it wrong.


They buy popular stocks when the shares are rising... and when shares go down, they panic and sell at a loss.


It's almost as reliable as the sunrise – individual investors make the wrong moves at the wrong times.


The reason is simple: too many investors try to go it alone.


Left to their own devices, many investors just follow the herd...


Moving from one high-flying stock to another...


Almost always right before they go down.


It happens like clockwork.


Not anymore.


Because I'm inviting you to follow along, as I invest my own money in the market.


Because when you've got money on the line... real money...


You don't want a lot of theories and formulas.


You want hard facts and solid recommendations.


By following along with my personal investments...


You'll see how I narrow down the 5,008 listed stocks in the market...


To uncover the select few that are set to soar in price.


Like I did with Tesla, or Netflix... or MasterCard.


If you'd been following along when I'd picked these winners, you'd be sitting on some pretty significant gains...


In fact, if you'd put a mere $1,000 into just those three stocks...


You'd have turned that modest $3,000 into a sweet $15,080.


That's the difference between trying to do it on your own...


And following the personal moves of someone who knows the market.


It's not just about the big winners. Big winners are great – of course.


But thanks to my simple approach to the market...


For every one of the big gainers I've uncovered...


I hit at least 3 or 4 more modest winners...


Stocks like:


Pfizer – up roughly 57%


Starbucks – up 46%


Verizon – up nearly 67%


Corning – up 51%


See, it's not about swinging for the fences – trying to smack a grand slam with every at bat.


For me, it's about consistently hitting singles and doubles... 


Building one win upon another.


Do that...


And you'll be in perfect position...


When the really big plays come along.


The ones where you can make 4 and 5 times your money...


And put you well on our way to building that $1 million portfolio.


Now, you have the chance to be a part of it.


Because by following along as I invest my own money...


You'll not only protect yourself from making the mistakes many individual investors make...


You'll also be in perfect position for the really big winners when they happen.


And I will be buying my next big picks with a small group of readers...


The first five stocks on the road to building a $1 million portfolio.


I picked these five for two very specific reasons.


The first: each stock is situated perfectly in the middle of an incredibly powerful trend in the market.


What I call "forever trends".


A forever trend is SO BIG, that no matter how far out you look in the future – you won't be able to imagine a world without this trend firmly in place in every home, office, car, etc.


Television was one such forever trend.


The Internet is one too.


And as I mentioned earlier, "The trend is your friend."


The first two forever trends I'm going to share with you are already well established.


And have already made thousands of investors rich.


And I've uncovered two stocks positioned smack in the middle of each trend.


The third stock, as you'll see in a moment, is on the very cusp of a major trend that's just now entering the mainstream conscience...


Giving us a golden opportunity to get in on this powerful forever-trend-in-the-making before it takes off.


And you can be sure – they will take off.


And the second reason I'm buying these specific stocks right now:


I expect each one to double over the coming months.


The first stock I will be buying for my portfolio is the perfect "back-door" play on the greatest energy story of the new century.


Million Dollar Stock #1 –
The Biggest Opportunity in 70 Years


No doubt about it – America is enjoying one of the biggest trends in almost a century: the great American energy renaissance.


New technologies have allowed drillers to access oil and gas in shale and bedrock that were previously inaccessible.


The result is an energy boom that has the U.S. on pace to become the leading energy producer in the world.


At current rates, the U.S. will achieve energy independence by 2020.


And every investor should have exposure to America's energy revolution.


The logical way to do this – and the way most investors would think of – is buying oil and gas stocks.


And there's nothing wrong with that strategy.


My only hesitation in starting our Million Dollar Portfolio with a direct energy play – either oil or natural gas – is simple.


It's the obvious play.


Which means that thousands of other investors have already joined the parade...


And as such, I feel the upside potential isn't big enough.


After all, we're out to build a portfolio worth $1 million...


And following the great herd of investors into obvious energy plays is, in my book, not the fastest way to make that goal a reality.


So, for now, I'm not going to recommend a direct energy play.


Instead, I've set my sights on what you might call a "back-door play".


It's a way to cash in on the energy boom that most investors might not ever consider.


U.S. oil production reached 7.5 million barrels per day last year, up from 5 million per day in 2008.


This year, oil production is expected to be 8.5 million barrels per day.


However, these oil and gas fields – the Marcellus, the Bakken – are in rather remote areas. There is no transportation infrastructure in place to get the energy from the fields to the refiners.


The limited pipeline capacity from these remote regions is at a premium...


Trucks are great for delivering fuel to your home or to gas stations – but small and inefficient for transporting the millions of barrels of crude away from the fields...


The only other alternative is rail.


And the railroad stocks have been booming.


Now, we could buy a railroad company directly – like Warren Buffett did when Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) shelled out $34 billion to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe, America's second-largest railroad, in 2009.


However, I think there's a better way to play the boom in railroad transport.


Last year, 434,000 carloads of crude oil were shipped across U.S. rails.


That's a staggering increase of 4,468%.


As production accelerates, the number of crude-by-rail shipments can only continue to rise.


Not since World War II – 70 years ago – has America relied so heavily on railroads as a means of transporting oil.


Crude by rail is big business.


And the first stock I'm buying is the company positioned to benefit the MOST from the increasing demand to ship crude-by-rail.


The No. 1 Player in the Tank-Car Industry


This company has been building tanker cars since the 1960s.


And it's now the dominant player in the business today.


With a $6 billion market cap, this innovative manufacturer is about to enter its greatest period of rapid growth.


And thanks to the growing U.S. crude oil production...


The company's sales are practically guaranteed to increase for many years.


Even if oil and gas production remains at its current level... this company will be profiting for years to come.


Here's why.


The company delivered 24,335 railcars in 2013...


And is expected to deliver another 26,000-27,000 this year.


The oil and gas glut has put such an incredible demand on the rail transport industry, that this company has a backlog of more than 40,000 railcars.


The value of those existing orders currently stands at $5.1 billion.


So even if the company were to receive no more orders for the next 2 years – highly unlikely – it would continue making money for shareholders.


And this company is making money at a phenomenal clip. And is coming off its most profitable quarter ever. The highlight of the financial results was a 185% increase in EPS. Revenues have been growing too – up 164% in the last two years.


And both figures are expected to climb considerably this year.


Demand for its rail tanker cars is about to get more intense.


There are 92,000 tank cars currently moving flammable liquids in the U.S.


Yet, according to the American Association of Railroads, 85% of those need to be phased out or upgraded.


That's good news this company – and for shareholders.


The pressure on rail carriers to upgrade their fleets will automatically translate to higher sales for this company.


It's the leading supplier of newer-model tank cars, meaning they're more likely to meet stronger safety regulations.


As the largest tank-car maker in the U.S., they're simply producing more cars than their competitors.


The company's $5.1 billion backlog of orders reflects that demand. It also reveals shippers' absolute faith in this company – and its rail cars.


And there's one other thing I like about this company.


It's a truly diversified energy and transportation company.


Rail tanker cars make up only 50% of its business.


Its diverse portfolio of products includes inland barges, structural wind towers and highway and concrete products.


Conclusion: earnings are growing at such an incredible rate...


And the demand for rail cars continues to increase...


Yet this stock still remains relatively cheap.


With increasing demand, exploding production, and the fact that this company is the biggest manufacturer of a very specialized product...


I don't see any reason why these shares shouldn't double in price over the coming years.


Million Dollar Stock #2 – Cashing in on the fastest growing segment in a trillion dollar trend


The second company I'm buying for my Million Dollar Portfolio is one you've perhaps never heard about...


Despite that fact that millions of people use its services every year.


I'm buying it because it's positioned at the lead of one of the biggest, fastest growing waves ever...


In one of the biggest, fastest growing forever-trends in the history of the modern world.


And the fastest growing forever trend in the world right now is mobile communications.


Whether it's the iPhone, the Samsung smartphone, or the Windows phone... or the iPad, or some other tablet...


Mobile communication is a trend that's here to stay.


From 2012 to 2013 smartphone ownership in the U.S. increased more than 25 percent.


Tablet ownership increased by nearly 60 percent.


Growth is expected to keep increasing rapidly – especially in emerging markets.


With China and India adapting mobile technology at an amazing pace, the mobile market will continue booming for years to come.


And the single biggest, fastest-growing, and most in demand service in the world of mobile is this:


Banking by phone.


Consumers are demanding that their banks and financial institutions offer the ability to bank by phone.


Forrester Research says "No mobile feature has made as big an impact as quickly as mobile... virtually every bank in the country [is] currently considering or building mobile... functionality."


This sudden growth in mobile banking technology is driving consumer demand.


And in turn, consumer demand is driving financial institutions to offer more comprehensive mobile deposit features.


And the trend is taking off...


The Federal Reserve reports that 48 percent of smartphone owners have used mobile banking in the past 12 months... up from 42 percent the previous year.


And that 21 percent of mobile bankers have deposited a check using their mobile device – double the number from the previous year.


This is important to investors for one simple reason:


Even if the adoption of smart phones drops off...


The demand for mobile banking solutions will only continue to expand.


Which is perfect for the second company I'm buying for my personal portfolio.


It's a banking "arms race"...


Because global banks and financial institutions are scrambling to implement ever newer and more improved mobile banking features for their customers.


And this company is the leader in developing the features and services most in demand.


Their systems can allow customers and businesses to perform a variety of banking transactions right from their smartphones.


Want to deposit a check? Click a picture of it and the money will be uploaded automatically to your account.


Want to pay a bill? Click a picture of the bill, and the bill will get paid automatically.


You can even use it to click and pay vendors at the local farmers market... or collect that bet you won from your buddy on the golf course.


No need to ever visit a bank or write a check again.


The company is making all this possible for banks around the world.


They already have a major presence in Europe...


And they just recently began offering their services to the Bank of China in Hong Kong...


Giving them a significant foothold in the country with the potential to be the biggest mobile market in the world.


That move alone could make this stock a double in no time.


Plus, it's already partnered with the largest credit card company in the world, Visa (V)...


And it's just inked a major deal with MasterCard (MC).


And both of these giants have invested significant amounts of money to ensure they're part of the explosion in mobile banking.


That's one reason why I love this company.


Here's another reason I love it – and why I'm buying it for my personal account.


There is virtually no competition.


There are no other companies out there offering this level of services, and value-added upgrades.


They're the first to the party...


And this party's going to be a blow-out.


Because every bank and financial institution will be coming to this company to trick out their mobile service experience...


I don't see any bank in the world spending millions of dollars and years of development trying to build up their own proprietary mobile services...


When this company offers plug-and-play mobile banking technology that's ready to go.


This company is like the Microsoft of the mobile banking world.


Rather than banks developing their own tech systems...


This company simply leases their off-the-shelf technology to them.


Leasing software is how Microsoft became the one of the biggest companies in the world...


They're essentially first to market with the most in-demand technology in the fastest growing market in the world...


The demand that's building for their services is massive...


And is only going to continue to grow.


They've made an important strategic move into China.


And things are going to be heating up even more.


Because the company expects to grow from 28 million users today...


To over 200 million by 2018.


With major partnerships with MasterCard and Visa, the company has the support to make it happen – and quickly.


Conclusion: with everything that's happening in the market...


I fully expect to see shares doubling within the next 18 months...


And after that – the sky is literally the limit...


It's the fastest growing, most in demand service in the single largest and most powerful trend in the world – and this company holds all the cards in the game...


That may be why some very smart hedge fund managers are also taking major positions in this stock.


Considering everything this company has going for it – and this stock could prove a 3-bagger – perhaps even a grand slam in the making.


And even if it doesn't make 4 times your money – we're still going to bank a lot of green on this one.


Those are the first two stocks I'll be buying – to kick off my Million Dollar Portfolio.


I'll tell you about the third stock in a moment.


First, there's something you should know about me.


I take investing very seriously.


This is not a hobby with me. It's my life.


I'm not a former Wall Street insider... or hedge-fund manager... and I've never run a mutual fund or an endowment portfolio.


I'm a regular guy, and I've been lucky enough to discover what I love to do at a very early age.


I've been investing in the stock market since I was a very young child.


That's when my grandfather gave me my first stock certificates.


It was a few shares of Exxon.


Now, my grandfather was not a rich man.


He was a salesman.


He worked hard for his money.


So when he invested that hard-earned money into shares of stock...


And gave them to me...


I knew I was receiving something very special indeed.


From the first time I laid eyes on those certificates...


With their elaborate, filigreed engraving...


The intricate scroll work...


And the official raised seal that certified that I was now an owner in an actual corporation...


I was hooked.


And those shares of Exxon?


Well, by the time I was twelve, they were worth more than $10,000.


And I've been investing ever since.


In 2001, at the depths of the dot-com crash...


And 9/11...


I began Wyatt Investment Research.


Over the years, we've grown to become one of the most respected independent research outfits in the country.


No hype, no bombast...


Just shrewd analysis, and consistent performance.


And we must be doing something right... because every day, more than 450,000 readers from around the world turn to us to help guide them through the occasionally turbulent waters of today's stock market.


And now, I'm putting my own money on the line...


To prove that you can make a million dollars in the market. 


I know the markets. I know how to uncover the best opportunities for making money in the market.


Now, I'm taking it one step further...


Allowing a select group of readers – a mere 500 – access to my personal investment account...


To see the moves I make, when I make them...


As we build a personal portfolio worth $1 Million.


Now, let me show you the next stock I'm buying in my personal portfolio.


Million Dollar Stock #3 –
Profiting from a major trend-in-the-making


I just told you about how mobile communications is one of the biggest forever trends going on right now – and the company I'm buying to make the most of this explosion in mobile


Well, the next stock I'm buying for my million dollar portfolio is setting us up to cash in on one of the biggest trends in the making.


And research shows that this emerging trend is likely to become another strong forever trend – forever changing the way the world does things.


It's a perfect pure-play stock in one of the most important markets of the next ten years.


I'm talking about unmanned aircraft.


You've probably heard them referred to as drones.


And this company is the primary provider of drone technology to the Pentagon.


In fact, 85% of all the drones used by the military for surveillance and ordinance are made by this small California company.


And as the U.S. military's main supplier of drones, it's attracted the attention of a very big player.


Recently, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), the $52 billion defense contractor, partnered with this up-and-coming drone maker to increase its dominance in the unmanned aircraft business.


But the real opportunity lies outside the military and surveillance.


Amazon's Jeff Bezos made a huge splash last fall, when he revealed on 60 Minutes that his company was looking to drones to deliver products to customers.


Yet while Amazon's dream of drone-delivered books may be off in future...


Drones are being used right now to make some of the most difficult and dangerous jobs easier and safer.


Drones are being used to:


  • Fight forest fires

  • Patrol our borders

  • Investigate potential crime scenes

  • Aid in drug enforcement


They're also being used by farmers to monitor hundreds of acres of crops.


Google plans to use drones to bring free Internet to the entire continent of Africa.


Even local real estate agencies are purchasing drones to tape video of the houses they're listing for sale.


The potential adaptation of drones is incredible – across every market.


It's expected that Congress will authorize the use of commercial drones within the next 18-24 months.


And when that happens, shares of this drone company are going to take off.


Drone technology is the next red-hot growth industry.


Positioned perfectly in the lead of this emerging trend, this stock is another major winner in the making.


Last year, I recommended shares of Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) right as the company was introducing its Model S, the first-ever luxury electric car. The result has been a 517% return in 13 months.


And two years ago, we recommended Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) when the stock was at $71. That stock now trades at $436 – a gain of 510%.


And this small drone manufacturer has the potential to be the next Netflix or Tesla Motors.


It's as close to a "sure thing" as I've seen in years.


I'm expecting to double my investment within the next two years.


Conclusion: with the potential 100% upside for this stock, this tiny drone company is one of the best growth stocks you can buy today.


So there you have it: the first three stocks I'm buying for my personal portfolio.


Stocks I fully expect to put us well on the path to our first million dollars.


You can read more about them – and the final two I'm buying – in a special report I've put together called "The Million Dollar Portfolio: My Top Five Stock Doubles".


In this special report, I'll give you all the details on these first five stocks I'm buying.


And you can have my report free of charge – when you decide to follow along with me – and join the Million Dollar Portfolio.


As a member of my Million Dollar Portfolio, you'll be given exclusive access to every move I make in my account...


Before I make it.


See, it would be unethical for me to buy shares in a stock – and then tell you to buy shares yourself.


It would be unfair... not to mention illegal.


So here's how this works.


When I've zeroed in on the next big stock for my portfolio, I will write up all the details about the stock – including the recommended purchase price...


And I will email the complete report to you a full day before I ever push the "buy" button in my personal account.


This will allow you take action on my recommendation – before I purchase my shares.


It's the right thing to do.


When you decide to join my Million Dollar Portfolio today, you will be given exclusive access to:


http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgMy special report - "The Million Dollar Portfolio: My Top Five Stock Doubles" – detailing the first five stocks in  our race to make $1 Million in the market

http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgRegular weekly installments of the Million Dollar Portfolio newsletter with a review of key events affecting our portfolio, plus a ‘deep dive' on my newest Strong Buy. You'll also get timely updates on each of our current positions.  

http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgPre-purchase bulletins on every new buy. Whenever I make a new move in my portfolio, I will send you all the details: ticker symbol, number of shares, price, and total transaction cost... and you'll receive it BEFORE I ever make a move in my account. You'll always have the opportunity to buy or sell the investment before me.  

http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgReal-time Market Alerts. The markets can move quickly. And when they do, and it affects our portfolio, you'll hear about right away. We'll keep you up to date and informed on all the actions that affect your money.

http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgFinally, you'll enjoy detailed reports on every investment I add to the portfolio... whether it's an ETF, mutual fund, or individual stock. You'll see exactly what I'm buying and selling, and more importantly, why... so you can determine if the same allocation makes perfect sense in your portfolio.

http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgAnd of course, regular Question and Answer sessions, where I'll take your questions about the market and our portfolio. So if anything comes up, or you wonder about a move I make – let me know, and I'll do my best to answer it in the next session.

http://img.bfpublishing.com/check_42914.jpgPlus, you'll get the chance to listen in on special market conference calls... or sit in on special webinar events, where you'll get even more in-depth information about events or strategies affecting our Million Dollar Portfolio.


And much more.


In fact, become a member today, and I've got something else for you.  


2 bonus reports, FREE, when you respond within 48 hours!


BONUS REPORT #1: Best Income Investments for a Safe Retirement – (a $29.95 value) YOURS FREE!


Whether you're currently retired, a few years out, or decades away, income investments are a must if you want a truly stable stream of cash coming from your investments. These are the investments that should be the bedrock of your portfolio.


Bonus Special Report #2: Dream Team Stocks – (a $29.95 value) YOURS FREE!


Discover the three American dream team companies that dominate the globe, make huge piles of money and pass those profits along to their investors in the form of dividends, capital gains and growth.


All yours when you decide to follow along with me, as we build a Million Dollar Portfolio.


Heck, I'll even take this one step further.


Right now, I'm going to reveal to you what is perhaps my most successful investment strategy.


I call them Boomerang Stocks – shares that have been beaten down or ignored by the market...


Until they come around again.


Knowing when to get into these stocks can be the difference between a killing and a slaughter...


Which is why I want to send you this special report...


My Five Favorite ‘Boomerang Stocks' Revealed. 


In this fast-reading 24-page guide, I reveal the five most lucrative Boomerang plays to supercharge your returns.


The same strategy led directly to my 495% gain on Tesla, my 470% gain on Netflix and the 243% gain on MasterCard.


And I'm going to all the details of my five favorite stocks to buy today.


It's all yours now...

When you join me in the Million Dollar Portfolio.


  • The Fab Five – the first stocks in my Million Dollar Portfolio...

  • The best retirement income investments...

  • The three Dream Team stocks...

  • And my five boomerang stocks...


By now you might be wondering about the costs for joining the Million Dollar Portfolio.


And I don't blame you.


With a $250,000 investment portfolio, you'll be paying as much as $5,000 in fees to your financial advisor...even if you fail to beat the market.


And what if you want to invest in a top hedge fund?


Well, they won't even take your call if you don't have a minimum of $5 million to invest. Plus they'll charge you 20% of the profits you earn.


I can assure you – The Million Dollar Portfolio won't cost you anywhere near that much.


In fact, when you see how inexpensive the Million Dollar Portfolio really is...


I think you'll be presently surprised.


First, let me tell you about the final 2 stocks in your special report,"The Million Dollar Portfolio: My Top Five Stock Doubles".


Million Dollar Stocks #4 and #5


I've already shown you the first three stocks I'm buying in my portfolio.


The fourth stock I'm buying is one of the most exciting plays I've come across...


It's not in high-tech... or social media... or any of the other sector darlings out there...


In fact, it's in one of the most boring industries in the world.


Yet in this instance – boring will put us well on the road to that million dollars.


Excitement is not the word you think of when you talk about car insurance.


Yet Warren Buffett was so excited by GEICO – he bought the entire company outright.


And I'm extremely excited by this unique insurance investment...


Because this company is the GEICO of the United Kingdom.


And it's been producing outstanding results...


By being one of the first to jump beyond traditional ideas of insurance.


For one, they built their fortunes by serving up quality, reasonable-cost insurance packages to customers used to paying much higher premiums.


They were also the first to pioneer multiple vehicle discounts to their market... and changed the traditional insurance "salesman" model with first-to-market online innovations... like allowing customers to compare rates side-by-side with competitors.


And – it pays a fat 7% dividend.


Yet, I doubt one in ten thousand investors knows about this company.


But you will...


When you become a member of my Million Dollar Portfolio.


This little-known insurance giant has become one of the biggest growth stories in the United Kingdom...


No small feat...


When you consider the insurance industry in the UK is the third largest in the world...


And the largest in Europe.


In fact, the insurance business in the United Kingdom is such a solid "forever trend"...


It accounts for a whopping 26% of the UK's total net worth.  


And that's the kind of trend that can make you tons of money.


Shares are up roughly 40% over the past year – and I see it moving even further.


Based on the company's unique innovations... its dedication to expanding and enhancing customer experience... and the market it serves...


We could be looking at a solid double in share price.


And the fifth stock?


Well, I just finished my due diligence on this company (I run every stock I buy through a rigorous 14-point check list to determine if it has serious money-maker potential)...


However, I can tell you right now – this one has winner written all over it.


I won't go into the details here, you'll be able to read about this stock in your free report.


However, I will tell you this: If you've ever fantasized about owning a professional sports team – this stock may be your best chance.


Because when you own shares in this stock – you become part "owners" of some of the most legendary sports teams in history... as well as one of the most famous venues ever built.


The power of professional sports to attract fans and generate mountains of money is a "forever trend" that's never going away...


Combine the power of that trend... with this stock's deeply-discounted share price – and I think this one's got the potential to double – maybe even triple – your money.


That's all I'll say right now, except this "big league" player will make an excellent fifth addition to our Million Dollar Portfolio.


And you'll get all the details on all five stocks in my special report: "The Million Dollar Portfolio: My Top Five Stock Doubles"


Each one positioned in the middle of a major trend...


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The market can be a great leveler – it can humble both rich and poor alike.


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* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of Million Dollar Portfolio research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.